Code better not harder

About Me

Working with Swift and iOS development at Touché Singapore. A self-taught software engineer from computer and control systems education background.

I generally believe that programming or writing code is the practice of putting down your ideas, thoughts, or formulas to the real world to be tested, used, and improved upon. This is one of the very few ways where a person could create and manipulate their surrounding environments with minimal effort compared to other types of endeavours.

For this reason, I have based my career so far on the practice of implementing the abstract and malleable human thoughts towards something that has the potential to multiply their effectiveness and power in ways that we might never seen before.

My background in the industry:

I have worked on various software development work on user interface, client-server networking with TCP, UDP, and HTTP, maps, location services, audio processing, database, camera, and photography.

They were done using MFC for the Windows platform, Qt on Mac OS X, Objective-C on iOS, and node.js.

Looking at where the industry is heading, there is a mixture of demand in not just a stable, but also highly performant, concurrent system, and moreover a flexible, dynamic programming environment.

Therefore, Apple’s movement with swift programming language is something that I strongly support. On the other hand, I would also put more focus on web technologies platform with javascript, node.js, and system programming with rust.